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Political / Campaign Videography


Behind the scenes with Steve Yeager, Las Vegas, NV. shooting for Ampersand Strategies

Produced for

Steve Yeager Drone Rip.png

At Keasbey & Mattison, we specialize in crafting compelling narratives for candidates at all levels of government. We travel the nation, utilizing the latest 6K cinema technology to capture the essence of your campaign. Our team prides itself on delivering rapid turnarounds without sacrificing quality, ensuring your message reaches your audience with precision and impact.

We understand the diverse nature of political campaigns, which is why we offer a range of services that include both positive and negative campaign ads. Whether we're on location, shooting original, dynamic footage, or skillfully incorporating stock/found footage and computer graphics, our mission is to empower your campaign with visual storytelling that resonates and motivates. With a passion for politics and an unwavering commitment to your success, we're here to help you achieve your campaign's video goals.

Our clients have gone on to win numerous Reed/Campaign Tech awards over the years, and our videos have grabbed media attention. Like this front page Philadelphia Inquirer Article in response to an attack ad produced for Ampersand Strategies. 

Max Carter Best Rip.png

A few years ago, we created a video for Max Carter in Las Vegas, NV, which garnered remarkable acclaim. Its success was so profound that other political candidates started requesting similar "Max Carter style" videos, with one even going as far as redecorating their home to mimic Max's surroundings, aiming to replicate the video's appeal. This video elevated the standards for future campaign videos, setting a precedent within the political arena. The pinnacle of its success was marked by the original Max Carter video winning a prestigious Reed Award for Best State Legislative Video, solidifying its influence on political campaign strategies.

Political Ad  Produced for

Everyone Wants a Max Carter Video

Vote for Pam
Matt Dugan "Two Systems"
Janet Dudding - Water
Charlotte Little - Bio
Nathan Small - "On Your Side"

Campaign Services

  • Full Production - From Concept to Delivery

  • Positive & Negative Ads

  • Scriptwriting

  • Primary Videography - Direct to Camera

  • Headshots / Photography

  • Campaign B-Roll (Photo & Video)

  • Drone Videography

  • Logo Design & Animation

  • Photo & Video Editing

  • Radio Ad Recording

  • Computer Animation & Graphics

  • Hair & Makeup Services

  • Available Nationwide

Nathan Small BTS

BTS with Nathan Small, New Mexico. shooting for Ampersand Strategies

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